Peter Weller lecture poster








I designed the poster to announce two lectures by actor, director and art historian Peter Weller. As he spoke on connections between the Renaissance and the current eras in painting and film, the artwork blends and updates religious imagery, methods and styles. (That’s a background from a Giotto painting behind the top portrait.) According to Dr. Weller’s note on my signed copy, “I have never looked better.”

Teaching in Japan


In August 2015, I’ll be traveling to Japan to teach a 5-day summer course at the University of Kitakyushu. Old Dominion University takes part in an annual exchange program where faculty submit proposals for a course they would offer on some aspect of American (U.S.) culture. My proposal, “Way Out West: American Graphic Design 1776–now” was selected and the course will take place August 25–September 1.

Humanities identity


I’ve created an identity for the Old Dominion University Institute of the Humanities. This is a program that “promotes interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on critical theory and cultural studies, allows students to pursue individualized programs of study that incorporate classes from across departments within the College.” Other institutions call these kind of programs Interdisciplinary Studies or some such. As shown, I settled on a typographic approach emphasizing the H of Humanities but segmenting the character to show the I. To represent that different disciplines were involved under a unified structure, I selected a typeface with related but distinct fonts to set the H in: AW Conqueror by Jean François Porchez. Finally, there’s a color scheme to make it all cheerful. As the system gets deployed, we’ll see if particular programs are paired with a font/color or we just rotate through the options. As I’ll be designing the materials, I can’t wait to see what I do.


Repurposes Selections

Thirty-one artists have been selected from nearly (perhaps over) 80 applicants for the Repurposes exhibition to be held at the Ellin and Baron Gordon Galleries at Old Dominion University, March 20–April 18, 2010. The artists come from around the world, with work representing a wide variety of media, including artist books, print, text, design, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and web. (Image: Wesley Stuckey, “Where Did The Forest Go,” No.2 yellow pencils, wooden clothes pins, toothpics, thread, sticks and matches, 72¨ h x 66¨ w.)

Michael Alstad
Kristen Alvanson
Mary Babcock
Andrew Bascle
Robert Billings
Alice Bradshaw
Andrew Breitenberg
Jenna Collins
Caroline Cox
Gale Flax
Scott Groeniger
Hilary Jack
Daniel Jasper
JK Keller
John Kramer
Roselyn Leibowitz
Ann Liu
Paul Matosic
Chris McCampbell
Steven McCarthy
Rebecca Mushtare
Antonia Perez
Vincent Romaniello
Marie Reig
Marcella Stasa
Wesley Stuckey
Beth Taylor
Bradly Treadaway
Isabel Uria
Supisa Wattanasansanee