Published Works

••• “Safe words,” Scratching the surface web site, April 9
••• “Entertainment interrobang,” Scratching the surface web site, October 17
••• “Mother tongue,” Scratching the surface web site, July 13
••• Process music: songs, stories, and studies of graphic culture, Onomatopee Projects/
Distributed Art Publishers (Eindhoven/New York)
“(incomplete),” Modes of criticism 4: radical pedogogy, Onomatopee Projects
••• “The disconnect,” visual narrative, Dialectic, Volume 2, Issue 2, AIGA/Michigan Publishing
••• “(incomplete),” Modes of criticism 3: radical pedagogy, Modes of criticism
••• “Quietude,” The graphic design reader, Bloomsbury Visual Arts
••• “Singing the surface,” Total armageddon: a Slanted reader on design, Slanted Publishers
••• “I believe in design,” Culture is not always popular: fifteen years of Design Observer, MIT Press

••• “Kenneth FitzGerald on Emigre (1984–2005),” commissioned for “The most influential
designs of the past 33 years,” by Jason Tselentis, HOW magazine
••• “Design and the Creation of Value,” book review, Dialectic, Volume 1, Issue 2, AIGA/Michigan Publishing

••• “Beauty/Entropy,” exhibition book for Vaughan Oliver: walking backwards, Leslie University,
Cambridge MA
••• “Learning by numbers: eleven lessons taught only in design school,” Design Observer
••• “Singing the surface,” Print magazine, Winter: Manifesto feature—design and text

••• “Laura Rossi Garcia: dialectic designer,” AIGA Design Educators Community journal
••• “Turn over,” AIGA Design Educators Community journal

••• “Thinking about teaching,” AIGA Design Educators Community journal
••• “Fuck All,” Modes of criticism 1: critical, uncritical, post-critical, Modes of criticism
••• “The team player,” AIGA Design Educators Community journal
••• Neuron, 85.3, February 4, Cell Press—cover design

••• “Yourselves: declaring ourselves,” Design Observer
••• “Chaos theories and uncertainty principles,” Thought experiments in graphic design
education, Booksfromthefuture
••• “The great third grade juice pouch riot,” AIGA Design Educators Community journal

••• “12 views of 120 posters,” Graphic advocacy: international posters for the digital age 2001–2012, Massachusetts College of Art Foundation

••• “All music to all (good) people: Cornershop masters time and space,” YouTube video
by Cornershop music group featuring essay text

••• “I believe in design,” Faith is trust: trust design publication 3, Premsela, Netherlands
Institute of Design and Fashion

••• Volume: writings on graphic design, music, art, and culture, Princeton Architectural Press

••• “Skilling saws and absorbent catalogs, ” “The last wave,” “What culture wants,” Emigre no.70: the look back issue: celebrating 25 years in graphic design, Gingko Press
••• “Design’s just dessert,” Voice: AIGA Journal of Design
••• “I believe in design,” Design Observer

••• “Pesky illustrator,” Eye, issue 67

••• “Josef Müller-Brockmann,” Eye, issue 64—book review
••• “Visual culture reader,” IDEA, issue 322—contributor
••• “The resistance,” Voice: AIGA Journal of Design

••• “Useless things,” Redaction, issue one—visual essay
••• “What I don’t know about the world,” Outside in: an international poster exhibition, exhibition
catalog, Visualingual—original poster work
••• “Seeing and reading,” “I come to bury graphic design, not to praise it,” IDEA, issue 314

••• “An instructor of concern,” The education of a graphic designer, volume 2, Allworth Press
Four minutes to midnight, issue 7—sampled artwork from “Indenture”
••• “The end,” Emigre, no. 69
••• “A viewer’s guide to periodic literature,” The Norfolk index, ODU gallery exhibition catalog
for “Emigre in Norfolk”
••• “Salvager,” Stefan Sagmeister, monograph, Ginza Graphic Gallery—forward
••• “Martin Venezky’s beautiful melancholy,” Design Observer
••• “An instructor of concern,” Voice: AIGA Journal of Design

••• “Buzz kill,” Emigre, no. 67
••• “File under nowhere,” Various types, catalog, Emigre, Inc.
••• “I come to bury graphic design not to praise it,” Emigre, no. 66

••• “The total artist,” Port Folio Weekly, 23 September
••• Form\inform, catalog of works: The Goldstein Museum of Design, Minneapolis Minnesota
••• (Two class projects), Design for communication: conceptual graphic design basics, John Wiley & Sons
••• “Quietude,” Emigre, no. 64

••• “What culture wants,” Emigre, no. 62

••• “The last wave,” Emigre, no. 54
••• “Seen and not seen,” Graphic design and reading, Allworth Press

••• “Song cycle revisited,” Palm desert, book/CD on the music of Van Dyke Parks, Emigre Graphics

••• “Skilling saws and absorbent catalogs,” Emigre, no. 48
••• “Fanfare for the common hack,” Eye, issue 27

••• “Fuel full pull poll pool cool cook book,” Emigre, no. 44
••• “On Creem magazine: 1970–1976,” Emigre, no. 41

••• “The angel is my floating-point!” Emigre, no. 39