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  • 29.Aug.17
  • Writing and talking Vaughan Oliver
  • I’m involved in two aspects of the upcoming Walking Backwards exhibition of the work of designer Vaughan Oliver. First, I’ve written “Beauty:Entropy,” the essay for an accompanying booklet. I’ll also be discussing Oliver’s work as part of a panel, “Elevating the Banal: Perspectives on the Work of Vaughan Oliver,” co-sponsored by AIGA Boston and Lesley […]

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  • 30.Nov.16
  • Character References: On Emigre type specimens
  • Earlier this year, Gingko Press published Emigre Fonts: Type Specimens 1986-2016, a comprehensive collection of Emigre’s distinctive print samplers. A couple years previous, I went through my personal collection of their specimens dating back to the early 1990s and wrote this appreciation for a project that wasn’t realized. However, on the (late) occasion of Emigre’s […]

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  • 15.Jan.17
  • Print Magazine Manifesto
  • My article “Singing the Surface,” which I also designed, appears in the Winter 2016–17 issue of Print magazine. The piece is adapted from a lecture I’ve presented at a number of different forums. It was commissioned by the magazine for its “Manifesto” feature which began in 2015 and features “insightful essay-length commentary on the field […]

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  • 12.Mar.17
  • ODUMUNC program
  • My redesign of the program for the annual Old Dominion University Model United Nations Conference (ODUMUNC) was published last month. The project began in summer of last year and was supervised by Dr. Aaron Karp of the ODU Political Science & Geography Department in his capacity as Director of the event. The 6.5 x 8.5, […]

  • Ephemera

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  • 20.Mar.17
  • The Green Ambassadors in White and Black
  • When visiting in Kitakyushu Japan, my daughter Emma and I would see these two bear-like figures all around town in different situations. From the varied contexts we couldn’t tell what they were promoting or relaying—though they didn’t seem to be at all commercial—or if they were bears at all. Sometime the white one appeared on […]


Ephemeral States is the site of Kenneth FitzGerald, educator, designer, artist, and writer. As a writer, I'm the author of Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2010. I produced The News of the Whirled, a novel in the form of 4-issue limited-edition magazine that received awards for excellence from the American Center for Design and AIGA, and is in the collection of Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota. As an artist, my work is included in public and private collections primarily in New England and New York, with numerous artist books in the Franklin Furnace/Museum of Modern Art/Artists Books collection. I'm a member of the founding Editorial Board of the academic journal Dialectic, and of the Steering Committee of the AIGA Design Educators Community. I received my MFA in Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


To hear me interviewed on the design podcast Scratching the Surface, in May 2017, go here.

To read a March 2016 interview at the Perpetual Beta blog, click here.

To listen to my March 2006 interview on Design Matters with Debbie Millman, click here.

A YouTube video of my presentation, "Singing the Surface," given at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in April 2016 can be found here.

The Kenneth FitzGerald Album

A Tumblr site with images of a selection of art and design works from across my career is linked here (I recommend going to the "Archive" page). And the Pinterested can go here.

Portrait by Mark Andresen.

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The hexahexaflexagon

is the symbol-artifact of Ephemeral States. It is a folding paper object composed of 19 equilateral triangles that displays six different faces of six triangles. Three of the faces will open to two other faces, the other three will open to one. To view a short video on how to flex a hexahexaflexagon click here.

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