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  • 13.Mar.16
  • KRFG at VCFA
  • I will be the guest critic, lecturer and workshop leader for the April residency at the Vermont College for the Arts MFA in Graphic Design Program. The program “allows students to earn a 60-credit degree over a period of two years through a combination of weeklong, campus-based residencies followed by six-month semesters of student centered […]

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  • 28.Mar.16
  • Work in progress—Barney Bubbles: Offset Identities
  • “When I went to art school, we were trained to be designers—if you could draw you became an illustrator; if you could just about draw, you became a designer; if you were just hopeless they would put you into exhibition display.” —Barney Bubbles, The Face, November 1981 There’s an astonishing quote residing on page 136 […]

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  • 05.Mar.15
  • Modes of Criticism 1
  • My essay “Fuck All” is included in the journal Modes of Criticism 1 – Critical, Uncritical, Post-critical, the initial publication of the Modes of Criticism project of editor Francisco Laranjo. The essay is a response of Michael Rock’s essay “Fuck Content,” and challenges that article’s notion that graphic design history is one of form, not content. […]

  • Projects

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  • 03.Oct.14
  • Humanities identity
  • I’ve created an identity for the Old Dominion University Institute of the Humanities. This is a program that “promotes interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on critical theory and cultural studies, allows students to pursue individualized programs of study that incorporate classes from across departments within the College.” Other institutions call these kind of programs Interdisciplinary […]

  • Ephemera

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  • 31.Mar.16
  • Ultraman!
  • I’m long past overdue sharing some of the print artifacts I collected on my trip to Japan and Korea last year. My acquisition process was pure impulse: I saw something that caught my eye and I took it. This was found in Tokyo, probably at MOMAT, the National Museum of Modern Art. When I was […]


Ephemeral States is the site of Kenneth FitzGerald, artist, educator, and writer. As a writer, I'm the author of Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2010. I produced The News of the Whirled, a novel in the form of 4-issue limited-edition magazine that received awards for excellence from the American Center for Design and AIGA, and is in the collection of Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota. As an artist, my work is included in public and private collections primarily in New England and New York, with numerous artist books in the Franklin Furnace/Museum of Modern Art/Artists Books collection. I received my MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and am currently a Professor of Art at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.


To listen to an interview with me on Design Matters with Debbie Millman from March 17, 2006, click here.

Portrait by Mark Andresen.

Our symbol:

The hexahexaflexagon

is the symbol-artifact of Ephemeral States. It is a folding paper object composed of 19 equilateral triangles that displays six different faces of six triangles. Three of the faces will open to two other faces, the other three will open to one. To view a short video on how to flex a hexahexaflexagon click here. (Video by Peter Eudenbach)

Our flag:

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