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  • 03.Jun.14
  • DEClaring Ourselves
  • My latest article, “Yourselves: Declaring Ourselves,” is posted on the Design Observer blog in the “Observatory” section. The piece looks at the history and mission of the AIGA Design Educators Community—I serve on the organization’s steering committee. Particular focus in the article is given to the DEC’s current initiatives.

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  • 06.Oct.14
  • Paul Rand: From Abacus to Zeus
  • 1: The occasion determines the type It was Paul Rand’s 100th birthday in August. I thought I should send a card and, finally, express my feelings about the famed designer. Really, if you’re going to write about design, how can you not consider its most storied practitioner? Not to would just be bad form (ha […]

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  • 10.Mar.14
  • Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education
  • I am included in the new book Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education, a project of Booksfromthefuture, edited by Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees. The book “documents an international mix of experimental, reflexive and speculative projects made by students, educators and practitioners who continue to question how and why graphic design is studied and practiced.” […]

  • Projects

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  • 03.Oct.14
  • Humanities identity
  • I’ve created an identity for the Old Dominion University Institute of the Humanities. This is a program that “promotes interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on critical theory and cultural studies, allows students to pursue individualized programs of study that incorporate classes from across departments within the College.” Other institutions call these kind of programs Interdisciplinary […]

  • Ephemera

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  • 03.Oct.14
  • Bla bla bla
  • A recent reorganization uncovered this drawing from years back by my daughter Emma. If it was attached to a particular event or idea, I can’t remember (and neither does she). Too bad it wasn’t on hand when it was time to raft graphics for the Blunt design education conference. Upcoming conferences may contact me for […]


Ephemeral States is the site of Kenneth FitzGerald, artist, educator, and writer. As a writer, I'm the author of Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2010. I produced The News of the Whirled, a novel in the form of 4-issue limited-edition magazine that received awards for excellence from the American Center for Design and AIGA, and is in the collection of Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota. As an artist, my work is included in public and private collections primarily in New England and New York, with numerous artist books in the Franklin Furnace/Museum of Modern Art/Artists Books collection. I received my MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and am currently a Professor of Art at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Hear me, hear me

To listen to an interview with me on Design Matters with Debbie Millman from March 17, 2006, click here.

Portrait by Mark Andresen.

Our symbol:

The hexahexaflexagon

is the symbol-artifact of Ephemeral States. It is a folding paper object composed of 19 equilateral triangles that displays six different faces of six triangles. Three of the faces will open to two other faces, the other three will open to one. To view a short video on how to flex a hexahexaflexagon click here. (Video by Peter Eudenbach)

Our flag:

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