The Green Ambassadors in White and Black

When visiting in Kitakyushu Japan, my daughter Emma and I would see these two bear-like figures all around town in different situations. From the varied contexts we couldn’t tell what they were promoting or relaying—though they didn’t seem to be at all commercial—or if they were bears at all. Sometime the white one appeared on […]

Black Cat Culture

Another choice print artifact collected in Tokyo during last year’s trip. I’m told it’s an announcement for some cultural event(s) and the cat is saying “attention!” of something similar. But who cares? This adorns my office door at ODU.

Teaching in Japan

In August 2015, I’ll be traveling to Japan to teach a 5-day summer course at the University of Kitakyushu. Old Dominion University takes part in an annual exchange program where faculty submit proposals for a course they would offer on some aspect of American (U.S.) culture. My proposal, “Way Out West: American Graphic Design 1776–now” […]

Our symbol:

The hexahexaflexagon

is the symbol-artifact of Ephemeral States. It is a folding paper object composed of 19 equilateral triangles that displays six different faces of six triangles. Three of the faces will open to two other faces, the other three will open to one. To view a short video on how to flex a hexahexaflexagon click here.

Our flag:

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