Print Magazine Manifesto

My article “Singing the Surface,” which I also designed, appears in the Winter 2016–17 issue of Print magazine. The piece is adapted from a lecture I’ve presented at a number of different forums. It was commissioned by the magazine for its “Manifesto” feature which began in 2015 and features “insightful essay-length commentary on the field from people who weren’t afraid to give it and take a stance.” Previous contributions were from James Victore, Art Chantry, Rick Poynor, Mark Kingsley, and David Carson.

Laura Rossi Garcia: Dialectic Designer


My short feature on Laura Rossi Garcia was posted at the AIGA Design Educators Community website. Rossi was selected to be the first designer for Dialectic, the new academic journal produced by the AIGA Design Educators Community. I also serve on the founding Editorial Board of the journal, and proposed Rossi for the position after meeting her and reviewing her thesis work at Vermont College of the Fine Arts this past spring.

Modes of Criticism 1


My essay “Fuck All” is included in the journal Modes of Criticism 1 – Critical, Uncritical, Post-critical, the initial publication of the Modes of Criticism project of editor Francisco Laranjo. The essay is a response of Michael Rock’s essay “Fuck Content,” and challenges that article’s notion that graphic design history is one of form, not content. You can read the introductory paragraphs here, and order a copy here.

Neuron journal cover


I created the cover image for Neuron, “…one of the most influential and relied upon journals in the field of neuroscience.” Their explanation of the image is: “Traveling waves of neural activity are frequently observed but little is known about their functions. In this issue, Zanos et al. (pages 615–627) demonstrate that traveling waves in the primate extrastriate visual cortical provide a means of integrating sensory and motor signals. These waves are triggered by eye movements. The cover photo emblematizes the notion that eye movements cause cortical waves, the same way an object creates waves when it falls in the water.”