Neuron journal cover


I created the cover image for Neuron, “…one of the most influential and relied upon journals in the field of neuroscience.” Their explanation of the image is: “Traveling waves of neural activity are frequently observed but little is known about their functions. In this issue, Zanos et al. (pages 615–627) demonstrate that traveling waves in the primate extrastriate visual cortical provide a means of integrating sensory and motor signals. These waves are triggered by eye movements. The cover photo emblematizes the notion that eye movements cause cortical waves, the same way an object creates waves when it falls in the water.”

The Chronographical Survey #2: The Atlantic

My longest-running magazine subscription is for the Atlantic (Monthly), going back some 20+ years. I can’t recall exactly where I first encountered it, likely someone I was staying with or visiting frequently had a subscription. Though I was just out of art school, I ponied up for my own subscription when my borrowed access ended. However tight my finances got, I kept the magazine coming. I felt a little extra connection as it was prominently and resolutely headquartered in Boston, where it was founded and I lived.

As I listened only to music on the radio, and watched little TV, The Atlantic provided me a regular connection to the serious, adult world of ideas, politics, and culture. I appreciated the depth and breadth of its topics, and the length at which its feature stories investigated subjects. Whatever sophistication I have about politics and an intellectual life derives in large part from reading The Atlantic.

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