My work and words are featured in The Designer as…: Author, Producer, Activist, Entrepeneur, Curator, and Collaborator: New Models for Communicating by Steven McCarthy. The new book “provides an overview of the phenomenon of design authorship and interviews many international designers who have taken on different roles as authors or producers of their own projects.” I am one of 12 design figures interviewed specifically for the book, which also discusses and presents images of my exhibition Adversary: an exhibition (of) contesting graphic design, and the News of the Whirled magazine/novel project. An additional joy of the book is its design by Martin Venezky.

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The hexahexaflexagon

is the symbol-artifact of Ephemeral States. It is a folding paper object composed of 19 equilateral triangles that displays six different faces of six triangles. Three of the faces will open to two other faces, the other three will open to one. To view a short video on how to flex a hexahexaflexagon click here.

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