ODUMUNC program

My redesign of the program for the annual Old Dominion University Model United Nations Conference (ODUMUNC) was published last month. The project began in summer of last year and was supervised by Dr. Aaron Karp of the ODU Political Science & Geography Department in his capacity as Director of the event. The 6.5 x 8.5, 32-page booklet (including cover) is used by participants to provide information on conference activities and guidelines, and serves as a souvenir of the event. The brief was not to diverge substantially from the existing layout but to sharpen and bring it into InDesign. Previous programs had been crafted in a text program and, considering the limitations, wasn’t that bad. I tightened by the overall layout, added page footers and bolder folios, created a running strip of flags across all pages, redrew the hotel map (or drew, as the original was a crude multi-generation CAD output) and moved it to the center spread, replaced thr default Times and Helvetica with Mr. and Mrs. Eaves, and drew a new masthead, keeping the spirit of the prior versions, which swayed from Helvetica to a Grotesque unpredictably with the year. It’s taken from an early UN security council vote. Most of the work was structuring the many lists in the book. I was particularly gratified that the cover image, which I created simply as a placeholder, stayed as the cover throughout.