To Arrive Where We Started

I designed the materials for To Arrive Where We Started, a curatorial project by Peter Eudenbach that recently opened at the Redwood Library & Athenaeum in Newport, Rhode Island. My work included a 24 x 36 poster, paper and metal signage, and a 10 x 30 hexa-fold 2-color brochure/map that guides visitors through and articulates the installation. The map idea and layout scheme was Peter’s concept that I elaborated upon and performed the typography (the face is Matthew Carter’s Miller.). Peter also supplied the imagery and did the requisite Photoshop work (except for the three-panel halftone image of him holding a triangular mirror up to the library pediment). Similarly, he devised the poster’s image juxtaposition that I executed. The map was printed by Liskey Printing in Norfolk. The exhibition runs until June 30, 2013, and a catalog is planned. (Sign photo by Peter Eudenbach, brochure photos by Leaf FitzGerald.)