Process Music in Eye 104

photo of book review in Eye magazine

My recent book Process Music is reviewed by Gabriela Matuszyk in the latest issue of Eye magazine. Matuszyk says “The book does a great job in containing core design issues, themes, figures and objects by making them accessible through humour, observational storytelling and self-referential framing. For me, Process Music was energising, a reminder that the process of reading and writing is fundamental to self-reflection, criticism and designing.”

In addition, Rick Poynor discusses the book’s cover concept in context with other self-referential art and design works, in his Critique article, “This is a column.” Of the book’s cover/interior concept, Poynor says, “It would be hard to imagine how any designer could take this concept any further. FitzGerald has succeeded in imbuing a pictureless sequence of critical texts with that all-important, value-adding ‘object quality’ demanded by contemporary buyers.”

photo of Critique article in Eye 104

Trypophilia at HallSpace

Announcement for Trypophilia

A solo exhibition of my artworks, Trypophilia, was presented at HallSpace, a contemporary fine art gallery in Dorchester, Massachusetts, September 10–October 15, 2022. The show consisted of 36 of my hand-die-cut constructions dating from 2018. The exhibition announcement card image (shown above), is an original digital illustration and not a image of a specific work.

MassArt Auction 2023 and before

Tape Z artworkThrift Impression artworkRefractory artworkLiquid Color artwork

My artwork Tape Z (top), sold in this year’s annual MassArt Art Auction, held in April. It was my third successive year of donations and sales, 30-year absence from the event when I wasn’t making art. My sales have raised over $1500 for student scholarship aid and academic program support at my twice-over alma mater. Works that have sold in previous years were Thrift Impression in 2022, and two works in 2021, Refractory and Liquid Color.