New Ephemeral States card

For what passes as self-promotion in my mind, I’ve produced a limited edition version #2 of the Ephemeral States announcement card, for distribution at the College Art Association conference this week. “Lucky” attendees at the panel discussion I’m participating in will get one. As previously, surplus announcements from my solo art exhibition of a few years back were repurposed with new designs layered on top of the front and back. The intent was to silkscreen the new designs on but technical difficulties had that approach abandoned for laser color printing. This secondary method allowed me to play around with the colors, for good and ill.

The overprint artwork:

A test silkscreen print:

Front black overprint:

One red overprint, rejected because too much face was revealed:

Most back overprints are red hues:

Second most common are violet/purples:

Ten greens:

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