Process Music: Contents

Blues in CMYK
01 Singing the Surface — Print magazine, 2017
A synesthenic perspective on criticism
02 Transmission — Ephemeral States blog, 2014
About design’s intentional and inadvertent messages
03 The Printer’s Devil’s Dictionary — Speak Up, 2006
Alternative, more accurate definitions of key design terms
04 The Design Illuminary Duplication Initiative! — Ephemeral States blog, 2014
A modest proposal to increase the ranks of awesome designers
05 The Team Player — AIGA DEC blog, 2015
Gaming out criticism
06 Design’s Just Dessert — AIGA Voice, 2011
Design as patisserie
07 11 Things They Don’t Teach You About 10 Things They Don’t Teach You in Design School Outside of Design School (published as “Learning by Numbers”) — Design Observer, 2017
Some major misapprehensions of teaching by design practitioners
08 Authenticity is a Groove — lecture, Ephemeral States blog, 2010
On reality, quality and originality
09 Implosure — lecture, 2011
Influences, inspirations, and interloping in design writing
10 (incomplete) — Modes of Criticism 4: Radical Pedagogy, 2019
Incitements for design education
11 I Pronounce You Cultish — Ephemeral States blog, 2010
About trending and trendy design commentary
12 Fuck All — Modes of Criticism 1: Critical, Uncritical, Post-critical, 2015
Contending and contenting Michael Rock’s essay “Fuck Content”
13 I Believe in Design — Trust Design, Volume 3, 2010
Ways that faith manifests in design

Interlude with Designers
14 Four Sides of Barney Bubbles — Ephemeral States blog
An extensive appreciation of the late British design album cover designer, featuring a comparison with Paula Scher
15 The Difference Engineer — Design Observer, 2005
On the design of Martin Venezky
16 Beauty: entropy — exhibition text, 2017
About the work of British album cover designer Vaughan Oliver
17 Salvager — Stefan Sagmeister, ggg Books, 2005
Introducing Sagmeister
18 Conjure Man — unpublished
19 Pesky Illustrator — Eye #67, 2008
Two views of illustrator Mark Andresen
20 The Graphic Designer and Her Presence — unpublished
On legendary poster designer Jacqueline Casey
21 Word! — Selah Index, limited edition book, 2010
Profile of design activist Andrew Breitenberg

22 Go Now — unpublished
On Hipgnosis’ design for XTC’s Go 2 album cover
23 The Angel Is My Floating-Point! — Emigre #39, 1996
A review of Elliott Earls’ Throwing Apples at the Sun
24 Fuel Full Pull Poll Pool Cool Cook Book — Emigre #44, 1997
A review of Fuel’s book Pure Fuel
25 U & M-B — Eye #64, 2007/revised and expanded, 2011
A review of Kerry Purcell’s biography Josef Muller-Brockmann
26 Paul Rand: From Abacus to Zeus — Ephemeral States blog, 2014
A deep reading of the original edition of Rand’s Thoughts on Design and comparison with W.A Dwiggins’ Layout in Advertising
27 Don’t Read Me I Am Boring — Ephemeral States blog, 2008
About Stefan Sagmeister’s Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far
28 Character References — Ephemeral States blog, 2011
Sorting through Emigre’s type specimens
29 A Viewer’s Guide to Periodic Literature — Idea #314, 2006
Emigre magazine and the physicality of literature
30 File Under Nowhere —Emigre “Various Types” catalog, 2004
Viewing the photo books of Rudy VanderLans
31 Re: Song Cycle — Palm Desert book, 1999
Meditations on Van Dyke Parks’ legendary 1967 album Song Cycle
32 Sea Change — Ephemeral States blog, 2008
Evaluating a redesign of The Atlantic magazine
33 Conversations with Notable Graphic Designers — Ephemeral States blog, 2008
A review of Debbie Millman’s book How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer
34 Welcome the Interruption — Ephemeral States blog, 2009
On Kevin Lo’s visual/literary journal 23:56
35 On Design and the Creation of Value — Dialectic, 2018
A review of John Heskett’s book Design and the Creation of Value
36 12 Views of 120 Posters — exhibition catalog, 2013
Catalog text for the touring poster exhibition Graphic Advocacy
37 The World on Yr Cornershop — Ephemeral States blog, 2011
A review of the album Cornershop and The Double ‘O’ Groove Of

My Back Pages
38 A Portrait of etc. — Ephemeral States blog, 2011
The way my art career began
39 Blank Canvas — unpublished
My daughter spreads the (political) word
40 Determination — unpublished
How not to infantilize students
41 The Great Third Grade Juice Box Riot — AIGA DEC blog, 2014
An episode of packaging panic in grammar school
42 Gatherings — The News of the Whirled (self-published), 1997
A memento mori

(extended play)
43 Six Secrets of the Hexahexaflexagon — unpublished

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