Fresh Poster at the Chicago Design Museum


A collaborative poster with my Graphic Design teaching colleague Ivanete Blanco is included in an invitational exhibition running June 1–30 as part of the Chicago Design Museum. Fresh Produced: Exploring the Craft of Hand-Painted Signage celebrates “the traditional craft of these hand-painted grocery store signs. For this poster exhibition, designers were invited to take inspiration from and re-interpret hand-painted store signage to create an original piece for the Chicago Design Museum. Alongside these re-imagined pieces, we will be showcasing the skill and craft of Chicago sign painters by exhibiting original, hand-painted signage created for local grocery stores.” The concept of the poster is that it replicates the experience of looking at a sign in a window with reflections from the behind the viewer. I provided a background texture (a corrupted image file, see below) and Ivanete handled the typography and images. So, yes, she did most of the work.


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