This artifact was found on the sidewalk on E 7th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. I was tempted to take it but decided it would be selfish of me to remove such charming street sculpture.

The Booty Pop Variations

One of the below-the-fold front page stories of the July 22 Wall Street Journal told the tale of the increasing popularity of the Booty Pop. For some reason, this information was passed along to my two kids before departing on a drive from Brooklyn to Massachusetts. Along the way, the game became creating rhyming variations on the fashion accessory, with Emma assiduously (intended) documenting them all. Snacks featured prominently. Here they are:

1. Booty Pop-corn (Booty JiffyPop).
Just put your butt to the fire and enjoy a tasty treat.

2. Booty Pop
With a soda dispenser.

3. Booty Popsickle.

4. Booty Plop
Spring action bounces you back upright should you fall on your keister.

5. Booty Stop
Sci-fi force-field projector included.

6. Booty Mop
Cleaning aid.

7. Booty Prop
Comes with extendable propellers for breeze generation or low-level flight.

8. Booty Hop
Another spring-loaded affair.

9. Booty Slop
Even pig farmers need to increase their assets.

10. Booty Crop
Plant on the slopes of Mt. Heinie and harvest your bounty.

11. Booty Bop
Makes your ass rock sonically.

12. Booty Cop
Comes with siren and flashing lights.

13. Booty Chop
You thought Slap Chop was great?

14. Booty Cyclop.
Has only one cheek.

Six Secrets of the Hexahexaflexagon

6 secrets books
To celebrate the release of my major label book Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture, I have produced a new hand-made letter-pressed 12-page artist book, Six Secrets of the Hexahexaflexagon. The chapbook is meant as a “bonus single” to Volume, and features alternate origin stories for the hexahexaflexagon, emblem of Ephemeral States. The book is also offered as a fundraiser for the Robert McCullough Endowed Prize to benefit Old Dominion University graphic design students. The chapbook price is $12 (postage and handling included) with all proceeds going to the Scholarship. To purchase a copy, go here.

Six Secrets of the Hexahexaflexagon is an edition of 36 (each signed and numbered), set by hand in Garamond type, with text pages printed on Mohawk Superfine paper by a hand-cranked Vandercook SP-20 Test Press. Binding is hand-sewn with double-stitched florescent (green, orange, pink) fabric thread. Each wrap-around cover is unique to the book, taken from offset-lithographed make-ready sheets with six hand-die-cut circles in different patterns. Each booklet comes with three unique hexahexaflexagons made from a variety of repurposed papers sporting original and offset-printed graphics. Pix of printing in process can be seen here. Pix of sample booklets and hexas can be found here.

Thanks to Gale Flax (bookmaking artist extraordinaire) for her guidance and assistance with all steps in the process, and to Nikki Webb and Ken Daley for further proofreading and printing help.