Volume update

The manuscript of Volume has been delivered to the publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, and is in the process of editing. The projected publication date is August 2010. Some of the writings mentioned previously have been retitled and a revised track listing is given below, with word counts. However, some previously published works have been substantially revised and remastered, or will appear in their original form (for instance, “Trenchancy” first appeared in a dramatically abbreviated form in Eye magazine as “Fanfare for the Common Hack.”) An asterisk denotes pieces that have been published previously in some form. In addition, the book will feature liner notes by Rudy VanderLans.


Intro: Words on Sound and Vision (3028)

Field Recordings:
An Instructor of Concern* (1020)
Adversarial Thoughts (1140)
First, Class (1525)
Designers are Material (2229)
The Resistance* (821)
Designer X (1712)
Trenchancy* (3208)
Buzz Kill* (3734)
Quietude* (4839)

On Creem Magazine* (2099)
My Two and Only (2156)
12-squared Sound (1991)
Music for Markets* (2853)
The Graphic Equalizer (1964)

Aerosol (379)
The End of Design (457)
The Importance of White Space (730)
Pejoration (502)
Form vs. Function (298)
Light Turning* (397)
The Last Wave* (2921)

Inference and resonance:
Eponimity (2366)
Be Yourself, Be Someone Else (1622)
Chaos Theories and Uncertainty Principles (1737)
Indiscipline (2273)
Seen and Not Seen* (2555)
Skilling Saws and Absorbent Catalogs* (8147)
Professional Suicide* (3509)

Life in These Ephemeral States (1100)


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